Pisces Baby Gift Guide

Welcome to Peanut & Posie’s astrological gift guide series! This month we are getting ready for all of the Pisces babies that are born between February 19 and March 20th. Pisces are characterized as being very creative and imaginative, having big hearts, and being natural empaths. In this gift guide, we will break down which curated gift boxes from our collection we think are perfect to celebrate a Pisces baby. Let’s dive in!

Starting with the basics – Pisces is a water sign and is represented by a fish as its symbol. So, of course, we had to include two of our favorite ocean inspired gift sets – the Into the Deep Blue Sea for boys and the Nautical Babe for girls. Pisces babies will definitely be swimming in their element with these navy blue outfits and water themed accessories.

Pisces are known to be very creative and have a wild imagination. You can say that they are quite the daydreamers! First up, we have the Land Before Time box, which is dinosaur themed and brings us way back in history to a time when triceratops and brontosaurus’ roamed the Earth. For little girls, the Sparkle Like a Unicorn box is inspired by mythical creatures that exist in far off lands and our fairy tale dreams. These gifts are perfect for littles ones who love letting their imagination run wild.


Pisces children are oftentimes considered old souls who are wise beyond their years. We have the Lil’ Climber and Counting Sheep boxes, which are made for babies, but have a more mature feel to them. Who doesn’t love a baby in a grandpa sweater? And they will be perfectly cozy too!

Well there you have it! Six of our favorite pre-curated gift boxes that represent Pisces babies and embody the qualities that make them oh so special!

Happy gifting!

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