March Baby Gift Guide 2022

Happy March! This month represents the beginning of one of our favorite times of the year as we emerge from the cold winter months and into warmer, sunny days! Did you know that March was the first month of the year in the early Roman calendar? With springs arrival, March signified new beginnings, and with new beginnings comes…new babies!

In this gift guide, we will break down our favorite gifts to celebrate all of the new March babies arriving this year!

Spring forward on March 13 – it’s Daylight Savings! Since we start getting some extra sunshine this month, we chose two of our favorite boxes that give us that happy, sunny feeling!

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day! It will be hard to resist pinching those sweet, chubby baby cheeks on this holiday. While baby has quite a few years before they can enjoy the Irish pub, they will definitely be looking extra festive in their green suspender outfits.

Ahh – the first day of spring! March 20th marks the beginning of flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and enjoying playtime outside in the sun. These gifts are the perfect for the seasonal transition with their happy vibes, but are warm enough for the days where it’s still a tad chilly.

We hope this gift guide helped you with your decision on finding the perfect gift to celebrate a March baby! Any questions? Please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help you with your gift!

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Happy gifting!

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