Aries Baby Gift Guide

Welcome to the Aries Baby Gift Guide from the Peanut & Posie astrology gift guide series! In this post we are talking about all of the gifts we think are perfect for celebrating Aries babies! Aries children are born between March 21 and April 19, and are characterized as being ambitious, natural leaders, energetic, and positive. Aries is a fire sign associated with action and always pushing forward. The spring equinox occurs during these months symbolizing a new year and cycle of growth.

For starters, Aries is symbolized by the ram. So, of course we had to include our two gift boxes that feature a fuzzy, ram friend. Well, maybe he’s a goat, but you get the idea! The Keep on Rockin’ Box also includes an organic cotton jumper that is non-toxic certified. The Lil’ Climber Box features a warm cardigan made from recycled materials.

People born during Aries season are positive, cheerful, and affectionate. The Puppy Love Box and the Stand Tall Little One Box exude just that! They are colorful, happy and give us that warm, happy feeling when we look at them. And, I mean, who doesn’t love puppies?

Last up on our gift guide are the Ruffin’ Around Box and the Let’s Play Ball Box! Aries are energetic, competitive and love sports. These gift sets are perfect for the sports loving family who will have a little one running around in no time!

Well there you have it! Six curated gift boxes that are perfect for celebrating an Aries baby and what makes them so special. Still not sure which gift to choose? Check out our March Baby Gift Guide or browse our entire gift collection here.

Happy gifting!

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