The unbreakable bond between parents and babies is one of the strongest forces within nature, and that grand welcoming, rush of everlasting love should always be celebrated.


We are Virginia and Taylor, the mother-daughter duo behind Peanut & Posie, an entirely organic, whimsical baby gift box business that was built on passion, love, and the desire to create wonderful memories.  Whether you are looking to find the perfect gift to express your excitement for a soon to be mama, or dropping off a surprise baby box to remind your new parent friends that they are doing an incredible job, you can solidify your confidence that our newborn keepsake boxes will leave lasting, heartfelt impressions every time. 


About the Company

Peanut & Posie was founded in the fall of 2019 by me, Virginia Kim, with my daughter Taylor joining shortly after in 2020.  I designed this business with the underlying mission to create unique, authentic gift sets for babies that truly illuminate sentimental value.  From 0 to 18 months, Peanut & Posie is home to the perfect themed baby gift boxes that can put a smile on anyone’s face, allowing them to savor that meaningful gesture and connection. 

The name itself stems from my admiration for elephants (Peanut), and my deeply rooted Spanish heritage (Posie – “butterfly”)One day, when I was a little girl on a trip the zoo with my father, he bought me a cute little souvenir, a baby elephant with an elegant butterfly sitting on its trunk. This combination and all the wonderful memories tied with it is what inspired the name you see today. 

Taylor and I know how good it feels to give someone a gift and watch as a tear forms to their eye because it was so special to them.  That moment right there is what we at Peanut & Posie live for, and what drives us to make such cherishing impacts in others’ lives.

Virginia Kim


I have always had a strong admiration for hunting for the perfect gift for every situation, really taking the time to match up the item to the receiver’s likes and personality.  This, along with being a mother to two beautiful grown daughters and my background in baby retail during my younger years, all has led me to my entrepreneurship path I am on today.  Not to mention that I had the amazing support from my husband, who has been by my side for the last 36 years here in Westlake Village.  Oh, and our adorable rescue dog Otis (the office dog) who follows me around everywhere.  Cannot forget him!

In summary, my family is my life. I have had, and am still creating, wonderful memories with them.  Because of my own experiences, I know that joy, excitement, and some tinges of fear that new parents are feeling right now.  It is an amazing time for them, and I strive to make it even more extraordinary. 

Taylor A. Kim Reardanz


Throughout my life, I had always had that natural born entrepreneurial spirit, but began my career pursuit down the corporate path.  I was that girl who worked hard the day after I finished high school, who went to college for managerial training, and later traveled across the country, opening stores.  Though I enjoyed that lifestyle, after eight years of working for major corporations, my entrepreneurial mindset eventually led me back to my hometown in Southern California to pursue that path.  This was right at the same time my mother developed Peanut & Posie, and after some thought, I joined, realizing that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Today I live in Ventura County with my new husband and cat, Rajah, am working side by side with my mother, and leveraging my design eye to cultivate beautiful presentations at Peanut & Posie to deliver the utmost gifting experiences to help slow down those fleeting moments of parenthood.


Office Dog

Sleep. Eat. Walk. Love Life. Repeat.